ATA Carnet
Security Deposit
  • Upon approval of the application ICC Pakistan will in writing inform the applicant of a security deposit (refundable) based on the average international tariff assessable of the item(s) for which the carnet is required.

  • This security deposit is refundable upon the discharge of the carnet by the carnet holder by returning the exit and entry stamped carnet by the relevant Customs authorities at all entry and exit points for which the carnet was utilized. The security deposit will not be refunded in the event that all Customs exits are not duly recorded and stamped. In the event that an exit was inadvertently not recorded then the onus will be on the carnet holder to obtain the necessary entry/exit verification in order for the security deposit to qualify for refund, failing which it would be forfeited. Refund of the security deposit can be made by Pay Order / Cheque or electronic transfer as per the carnet holder’s requirement.

  • This security deposit can be conveyed by Pay Order / Cheque or paid in directly to the ICC Pakistan ATA Carnet Operations bank Account No.83607-01 at any branch of KASB Bank Limited and a copy of the deposit or electronic transfer confirmation will need to be also conveyed to ICC Pakistan ATA Carnet Operations offices.