ICC Pakistan Commission for Multimodal Terminals & Operators
Multimodal Terminals & Operators
This Commission is working under "Terms of Reference" by ICC Pakistan and some main objects of the Commission appended bellow.

Charter of Commission
  • To safeguard legitimate interests of Multimodal Terminals & Operators and to promote transparency.
  • To harmonize Multimodal Logistics activities in Pakistan with the International standards, and trends.
  • To represent Multimodal Terminals & Operators before all forums of government and allied operating agencies.
  • To ensure the provision of just, fair and equitable services to the users of multimodal facilities.
  • To propose, develop; facilitate new economic projects of infrastructure development in fields of Air, Sea, Land, in-land waterways and under grounds.
  • To provide the easement, decongestions around Ports and other metropolitan, industrial cities for decentralization and hassle free dispersal of economic activities.
  • To protect Pakistan's economic interests and take reciprocal steps.
  • To promote transit trade and logistics.
  • To remain compliant to the standards of ICC Pakistan's and ICC's objectives and practices.
Effective stakeholders are invited to apply for Commission membership. Upon receipt of your application ICC Pakistan will confirm your eligibility as Commission member. ICC Pakistan has the right to refuse membership without assigning any reason.

Following entities may apply for membership of ICC Pakistan Commission for Multimodal Terminals & Operators:
  • Multimodal Terminals (Off-Docks Only)
  • Logistic Serving Agents / Custom Agents
  • Goods Transport Companies
  • Container Depots/ Freight Terminals
  • Transit Carrier Companies
  • Logistic Expert Individuals
  • Supply Chain Companies
  • Ware Houses