A TIR & ATA Carnet Administration Committee under the supervision of the Chair and the Secretary General has been in place which includes the Carnet Manager and the TIR Admission Advisor.

A TIR Transport Consultative Committee is a specific forum for the admitted incumbents to the TIR System which deals with anticipated ongoing issues of TIR transporters. The TIR Administrative Committee is responsible to oversee not only the day-to-day operations but also to oversee the administration of TIR in collaboration with IRU, Pakistan Customs and TIR Holders, and for IT development of customs within the WeBOC system as it moves to the eTIR system/ Digital TIR and may include specific recommendations of SPVs, intermodal/ multimodal and other such programming aspects as may emanate from the TIR Transport Consultative Committee and the IRT-TIR Commission including the updation of the current programming for border posts and inland TIR enabled customs stations. Already a full-fledged TIR Center has been established within the PNC-ICC for training of TIR Holders.


The IRT-TIR Commission of the PNC-ICC comprise of logistics and transport companies who need to avail the facilitation for transit trucking internationally under the UN TIR System. The purpose of initiating the commission was specifically to create the relevant representation of stakeholders in the transport sector who need facilitation for cross-border transport movements. The IRT-TIR Commission is a commission for the interaction of sector specific group of stakeholders involved in international transport and logistics. Membership of the IRT-TIR Commission is specific to this commission only and membership to the commission can only be conferred by the PNC-ICC.


The National Authorization Committee headed by the Director, Directorate of Transit Trade Pakistan Customs and comprising of representatives of the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Interior and the PNC-ICC, is responsible to scrutinize the TIR admission application of transport operators to assess and analyze the applicant’s eligibility in terms of the criteria mentioned in sub-rule(1) of Rule 696 of the TIR Rules and then proceed to approve or reject the application.

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